Amazing energy, less brain fog, and better sleep!
Wow!  I started with only a few drops.  I was amazed at the boost of energy from such a low dose.  It was very pleasant, not at all jittery as from caffeine, and it lasted throughout the work day.  Being menopausal, I found that it decreased brain fog and increased my mental clarity.  I slept soundly and awoke refreshed and relaxed.
- Robin L.. *
Nothing ever helped so fast!
I noticed a change since taking the Alexin with increased energy. I have never had anything change my energy so fast. I definitely can tell the difference, and am very pleased with it.
- Dr. Sandy D.*
Rested and energized!!
...after taking it (Alexin) for a month I finally feel rested after sleeping and energized throughout the day.*
- Cindy M of O’Fallon, MO*

“Unusually Hard” Erections
"I’ve been having problem sustaining my erection. It has been frustrating whenever it goes soft on me half way through and I could not control it at all. I tried Androx and my erection was unusually hard and I lasted longer than I have in years.”
J.R., San Francisco, CA**
We both have ‘the urge’ more often
My wife and I started taking Androx about a month ago. After a few days, we noticed a wonderful difference in how much extra energy we seemed to have … especially in bed. Both of us have ‘the urge’ more often and our passion is much more pronounced. Since we have so much energy, we both have gone back to working out (something we stopped doing years ago) …. We are looking forward to losing weight together and getting back in shape. If I had known it could be this easy, I would have started taking Androx years ago. Please send another month’s supply right away!
- Mr. and Mrs. L.B., Naples, FL**
A new lease on life!
I just had to write to say how much better I feel since starting on Androx. I admit, I thought ‘male menopause’ was a bunch of baloney, but when I read your Report on ‘Surviving Manopause’ it was like looking in the mirror. I thought I was just getting old. Now I know better. Your product has given me a new lease on life!
- Ted, New York City**

Pain Gone in 30 minutes!
I suffered from severe back pain and had been going to see a chiropractor on a weekly basis for the last 12 years. I took two capsules of Paractin a day for the next two months and I didn’t step into my chiropractors’ office even once! Paractin definitely helps me manage my pain. Thanks!**
- Julie, age 56
No more shoulder pain...
I had pain building up in my shoulder and arm for a number of years before starting a joint supplement regime. I’m very pleased with Hydraflexin; my shoulder has not bothered me at all since I began taking it about 12 months ago.
- Philip, Asheville, NC**

TaurImmune Allergy Spray:
It is great. It is working very well for people with allergies and who have fatigue.
Reported by Dr. E.
I would recommend TaurImmune (Allergy Spray) to anyone who was run down, had difficulties with allergies, or needed to heal from any type of injury. Thank you for allowing me to try Taurox. It is obviously something that I need to take everyday to maintain health."

A woman reported, It is great. It is the best thing that has ever come out. ... (It) stopped my hay fever and my energy is up.

A 59-year-old man, who'd been diagnosed with severe allergies as a teen-ager, reported that he has been taking antihistamines for over 45 years, using both oral tablets daily and steroid nasal sprays at various times during high pollen and mold seasons. After six months on TaurImmune (Allergy Spray, he reports that his allergies are alleviated to the point that he has not taken any prescription drugs in those months. "It's really quite incredible," he reports, "that after so many years, I could drop them all and have the same protection against all that pollen and mold that I'd used prescriptions for. Who knows what the steroids had been doing to my body? I even survived the ragweed season.
- Anonymous
I noticed a marked decrease in headaches and asthma
I am a 50-year male working as a research scientist in NASA's Earth Science Enterprise. I have suffered from allergy related symptoms for about the last 15 years. In the spring and late summer, pollen causes almost continual sinus headaches and asthma, which I have been treating with ibuprofen and Albuterol and Vanceril inhalers. I cannot use antihistamines as even the non-drowsy formulations adversely affect my ability to concentrate.

In March of this year (2004) I began to take a once daily dose of TaurImmune (Allergy Spray) upon arising in the morning. I did not notice any improvement in my symptoms until about two weeks after which I noticed a marked decrease in headaches and asthma. For the next month, when the pollen was the worst, I went from using ibuprofen continuously to only needing it two or three times a week. My use of Albuterol decreased to about the same frequency and I didn't need the Vanceril at all.

At the end of April I ran out of TaurImmune (Allergy Spray) and by the end of May, my symptoms had returned in their entirety. I was using prescription doses of ibuprofen nearly every day and needed to use both inhalers two times daily.

In the first week of June, I received a new batch of TaurImmune (Allergy Spray). Remarkably, within two days after starting the TaurImmune (Allergy Spray) again my symptoms, which were quite acute, very nearly vanished. Within two days my headaches were reduced in frequency from being nearly continuous to only about two or three times a week. The impact on my asthma symptoms was equally dramatic. My asthma symptoms were reduced in frequency and severity such that I had no need for the Vanceril at all and only needed the Albuterol once during the last week.
- M.I. Maryland
I love your product. What more can I say.
I have had terrible allergies and I also have a low immune system due to being born prematurely with complications. Since taking this product my allergies are better, I am sleeping regularly, everyone notices I am looking better and brighter. I am also having an easier time outdoors and I am able to spend more time outside. This is a big thing for me. I missed being outdoors! My daily cycle is becoming more dependable and I am generally feeling better all over. Even my friends who are in the medical field are asking me what I am taking because they notice the difference." When she ran out of the product she wrote: "my allergies are worse again and my energy level is down again.
- M.D., Winchester, Virginia