As Low As $28.50 Per Bottle



As Low As $28.50 Per Bottle


The Microbiome Breakthrough: How A Healthy Functioning Brain-Gut Connection Can Help You Enjoy More Robust, Vibrant Health & Age Better*

Dr.  Michael Gershon, Professor of Medicine at Columbia Medical Scholl, was the first researcher to coin the term “Second Brain.” What Dr. Gershon realized was that there was a direct connection between the health of your microbiome (commonly referred to as your “gut microflora”), your brain and your overall health. According to Dr.  Michael Gershon.Your Microbiome and your “Head Brain” talk constantly with one another.

  1. Your Microbiome and your “Head Brain” talk constantly with one another.
  2. Your Microbiome is responsible for productizing 90-95% of the neurotransmitters in your body.
  3. These neurotransmitters, or chemical messengers, provide instructions to every organ of your body and are essential to normal and healthy functioning of every system from your head to your toes.


The leading research centers worldwide now agree that without a healthy microbiome colonizing your intestinal tract or gut, the health and proper functions of your body are at risk. An unhealthy microbiome can also lead to your body aging before it’s time.*


What METORIN Can Do for You!

One daily METORIN tablet delivers 15 billion live CFUs (colony forming units) of the ten probiotic strains, vital for the production of the hormones, immune messengers, and neurotransmitters in our body for more vibrant and longer life.*

Biocentric Health guarantees METORIN to be of the highest possible product integrity and quality available on the market today. Extreme care is required during the METORIN production process to preserve the exceptional characteristics and behavior of these pure bacteria strains and to keep them alive.*

Biocentric Health working closely with Probi Nutraceutix controls the entire, delicate process from growing the ten different strains of live organisms through the production ensuring organism purity and viability at every step. The delicate, still-live bacteria are converted into very soft oral tablets by a patented process (BIO-tract® Patient #8,007,777) that’s has been shown in experimental research to protect the good bacteria from being destructed in the acidic environment as the one found in our stomach.  When taken with water or other liquid, these soft tablets create a gel like substance that is transported into the microbiome to do its work.*

† Biocentric Health has no affiliation with Dr. Michael Gershon nor Columbia University Medical School.

Here’s how these ten, carefully selected work to promote your good health.*



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Here’s how these ten, carefully selected work to promote your good health.*


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