Reduce and prevent joint pain and inflammation with this patented natural herbal supplement.
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Hydraflexin, an herbal supplement that reduces and prevents joint inflammation and pain, works in 5 key ways:
  1. Defuses the chemical signals that trigger joint inflammation*
  2. Significantly reduces joint inflammation and muscle pain*
  3. Eases burning, swelling, and tenderness*
  4. Helps eliminate stiffness by lubricating joint space and increasing synovial fluid*
  5. Increases flexibility and ease of movement*
Each capsule of Hydraflexin herbal supplement helps you prevent joint pain and inflammation with these ingredients: • Andrographis Paniculata: A clinically-proven extract of the medicinal herb Andrographis Paniculata which helps correct an imbalanced immune system and therefore helps to cut off the signals that cause inflammation and provide natural relief from joint pain. It provides impressive cardiovascular benefits, too.* • Biofermented Hyaluronic Acid (HA): A natural compound found in the tissues surrounding your joints, this pure form of HA in Hydraflexin significantly lubricates cartilage and joints. This is essential for reducing stiffness and pain caused by friction when bones rub together, and for increasing flexibility.*    

The Truth About Joint Pain and Inflammation

Why it happens and how Hydraflexin joint pain supplement helps make your pain go away.

The conventional medicine approach for treating joint pain, inflammation and arthritis is a complete failure. It does not work!

Think about it…do you know anyone who has a bad knee or chronic back pain who says, “Yep, the pain is gone and I’m feeling great.” It just doesn’t happen. What you usually hear is, “Looks like knee replacement surgery,” or “Heading to the doc for my next injection.”

The truth is, doctors offer few good choices: drugs loaded with side effects, painful injections, or surgery. It’s a band-aid approach that fails because it ignores the two real causes of pain:

1. Unchecked inflammation signals sent by an imbalanced immune system.
2. A lack of cushioning and fluid surrounding joints.

When you mix the inflammation with dry bones grinding together, it’s like kindling for a red, hot fire! The aching and burning can be relentless. And when stiffness settles in, you can say good bye to your mobility and flexibility.

But now everything has changed . Researchers have discovered how to treat—even reverse—the root causes of pain…without risks or harmful medications.

Finally , a better way to feel joint pain relief

Hydraflexin Part 1:

Andrographis Paniculata – Reduces painful inflammation at its source

The development of Hydraflexin herbal joint pain supplement began by accident years ago when a brilliant and well respected researcher at the University of Chile, Dr. Juan Hanke, was a hired by a pharmaceutical company seeking a cure for the common cold.

During his research, he came across a rare herb called Andrographis Paniculata—a plant with a long history of use in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese medicine in treating bronchitis, hepatitis, fevers, coughs, cardiovascular disease, liver damage, and more.*

During Dr. Hancke’s work he discovered that an extract of this herb contained unique properties which stimulated immune response and could shorten the common cold. This led him to the development of a standardized extract from Andrographis.*

Dr. Hanke discovered that at higher dosages, Andrograpghis actually helped reduce inflammation and pain—not just colds. That’s because your immune system isn’t just about preventing colds or the flu, it also helps control inflammation signals sent throughout your body.*

Research shows that the Andrographis in Hydraflexin herbal joint pain supplement works directly on the immune system and enables it to block certain inflammatory chemical signals—the very signals that cause pain. The evidence is overwhelming.

For instance:

• According to The Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, Andrographis (the same amount in Hydraflexin) reduces the abundance of chemical cytokines that cause inflammation which leads to pain.*

• Andrographis stops (or dramatically reduces) two other significant sources of inflammation sent by yourimmune system— COX-2 and Nuclear Factor kappa B.*

• Andrographis stimulates “PPAR-Gamma,” a little-known protein in your cells that works to slow down and smother inflammation. But researchers were also shocked when they saw that increased PPAR-Gamma also reduced C-Reactive protein—a dangerous marker of inflammation and heart trouble—by up to 40%!*

Hydraflexin Part 2: Biofermented HA

Unfreezes your tightest, stiffest joints

Most people don’t realize that a lack of synovial fluid (a lubricating substance in and around joints) is the most overlooked cause of tight, stiff joints. That’s where Part 2 of Hydraflexin herbal joint pain supplement comes in. Besides its pain-blocking Andrographis, Hydraflexin contains another joint-saving breakthrough that lubricates and unfreezes tight, stiff joints!*

Nature’s most miraculous joint lubricant

The breakthrough is called hyaluronic acid— HA for short. HA is a key moisturizing compound found in all of your connective tissues. HA acts like a shock absorber in the tissues at the ends of bones, and it is highly concentrated in the synovial fluid around your joints.

When you’re running low on synovial fluid, your joints start to dry up and rub together—it’s like trying to use a rusty pair of garden shears! You’ll know if your joint fluid is low if you feel stiff, tight, or creaky. You may also feel burning or tenderness, another result of a lack of lubrication.

While doctors all but ignore your synovial fluid, the good news is that’s it’s so simple to fix. Just replenish your levels of HA and your synovial fluids will come flowing back and lubricate your joints with soothing comfort.

It’s critical to use the right kind of hyaluronic acid (HA)

Now that the extraordinary joint benefits of hyaluronic acid are becoming more well known, there’s been a flood of questionable HA products coming on the market—most of which is low cost HA that has been extracted directly from rooster combs.

Not only does this bring about purity and bacteria concerns, but this type of HA consists of molecules that are too large for absorption when taken orally. And not surprising, a lot of them just don’t work.

The HA in Hydraflexin herbal joint pain supplement is pure and potent

The hyaluronic acid in Hydraflexin is created in a laboratory through a special bio-fermentation process—not from rooster combs! It boasts a 96% purity level, compared to just 8%-30% for most other HA products. It also contains only tiny molecules which are readily absorbed in your system.

This means it gets into your system fast, it gets absorbed, and starts lubricating and soothing painful joints right away. You’ll start to feel joint pain relief. What’s more, this HA actually stimulates the production of additional hyaluronic acid that lines your joints.*

Dear Rick,

My name is Mike McKenna and I am a retired United States Air Force Master Sargeant, with over 21 years of military service. I was medically retired in 1989 by the Air Force due to a vehicle accident in which I was hit from behind while sitting at a red light. The vehicle that hit me was going 45 miles per hour. The result, I received a broken neck, two dislocated shoulders and a low back disengagement. Prior to that accident, in 1985 I was involved with a work related accident on the base that left me with a total tear of my left rotator cuff and a third degree shoulder separation. I had surgery to repair those items in February 1986. Needless to say those two incidents plus the wear and tear of a war and 21 years of service have left me with alot of arthritic problems. I have tried for years to find some relief from any type of product or medication. The doctors all have the same answer either a multitude of over the counter pain medications or a prescription for Vicoden or Percocet. Neither of which is a viable solution. I have searched the internet and have tried all the products out there from Natures Best to Natures Made to Health Resources and all they have to offer. To the Glucosomines and Chondroitin to the Move Free that GNC and Costco and all the other stores can offer, but as yet I have not found anything that has given me relief. That is until now. In January 2010 I received a Pamphlet from Biocentric Health Inc. touting the great pain relieving affects of Hydraflexin. Honestly I can say that after all these years and all the products I have tried  I have finally found a product that works. Your Hydraflexin  has been for the last 3 months a total life saver. It has been 20 years but I finally have relief from my shoulder surgery. I can actually move my neck again without the constant pain that I have lived with for so long. I also have been able to walk and actually jog a bit again and I am back to three miles a day. Not bad for a 60 year old. Thankyou for the time and effort that you and your researchers have invested in this product. It is the first product that I have found that really really WORKS!

Thankfully Yours,

Mike McKenna

Springfield, Va.

Pain Gone in 30 minutes!
“I suffered from severe back pain and had been going to see a chiropractor on a weekly basis for the last 12 years. I took two capsules of Paractin a day for the next two months and I didn’t step into my chiropractors’ office even once! Paractin definitely helps me manage my pain. Thanks!”**

—Julie, age 56

Doctor says pain is 80% gone!
“I took Paractin for three days and was pleased to find that it reduced my muscle pain by 80%. I defiantly have a few patients in mind that I would recommend [it] to…”**

—Dr. J. Hughes, MD

No more shoulder pain…
“I had pain building up in my shoulder and arm for a number of years before starting a joint supplement regime. I’m very pleased with Hydraflexin; my shoulder has not bothered me at all since I began taking it about 12 months ago.”

—Philip, Asheville, NC**

Feels better than she did when she was 30…
“I am 78 and still working full-time. I feel better now than when I was 30! It wasn’t so long ago that I could hardly walk because of the pain in my left knee. I’ve tried other joint products, but only Hydraflexin takes away my pain and the stiffness. I ran out recently and thought maybe I don’t need it anymore. Sure enough, the stiffness came back! Now I wouldn’t be without it.”

—Ruth A, Shippenville, PA**

Pain from hip to ankle gone…
“I’m 79…I’ve got arthritis and some damage in my lower vertebrae. It can give me a lot of pain from my hip down to ankle when I’m standing. Hydraflexin along with massage takes away my pain and leaves me comfortable. What you say about Hydraflexin turns out to be true, it works for me.”

—Rosetta N, Hamilton, OH**

lNo more morning stiffness—knee pain gone…
Hydraflexin means I no longer wake up stiff or with pain in my knee. I’m 70 and still working 12 hour days. Man made pharmaceuticals, God made alternatives. I choose “God made”, thank you for giving him a hand. I like the way it helps to repair my knee by increasing the synovial fluid as well as the pain relief. I’ve been taking Hydraflexin for nearly two years.”

—Lolita R, Palos Heights, IL**

Walking again and sleeping soundly…
“I had pain in my left knee, lots of pain when I walked and couldn’t sleep at night. As long as I take two pills of Hydraflexin a day, I am pain free. I wouldn’t be without them.”

—Ruth S, Knoxville, IA**

Terrible knee pain now gone…
“I tried Glucosamine and Chondroitin for my knee but they didn’t help. The knee caused me significant pain before Hydraflexin. Now I wouldn’t be without it. In fact I did run out for a few days… ouch! Thank you for delivering so quickly.”

—Peter S, Hillsdale, NJ**

From despair to hope…
“My hands were very stiff and painful. I’ve also got arthritis in my feet. I am very sensitive to medications and cannot take NSAIDs because I react to them with even more pain! Hydraflexin has made the difference between hopefulness and despair. It’s actually made my life bearable by decreasing my pain and increasing my function.”

—Judy M, Iowa City, IA**

Hydraflexin made all the difference…
“I’ve got arthritis in my knees, and had a full left knee replacement four years ago. I’m a city mail carrier and have to walk six to eight miles a day. Last winter was my best since my legs deteriorated. The only differ ence to previous years was I’d added Hydraflexin.”

—Allen K, Great Bend, KS**

80% healed from knee pain…
“I am a blasting contractor and work on steep slopes. This puts added strain on the ligaments. There was a 3 month period of time when I could not work due to knee pain. I noticed relief within a week of taking Hydraflexin that I had less pain. I believe that between a manual treatment and Hydraflexin, I am healing much faster than if I had kept off my feet. I am now about 80% healed.”

—Arthur W, Escondido, CA**

Reduced pain, stiffness, and swelling by 85%…
“I often wake up with back ache, stiff neck and fingers and I’ve had surgery on my shoulder. I used to take pharmaceutical drugs but discon tinued the use due to side effects and got worried when Vioxx was with drawn from the market. Hydraflexin reduces my pain, stiffness, and the swelling in my fingers by about 85%. It also appears to be helping my skin.”

—Helen P, Lincroft, NJ**

Severe burning, stiffness, and pain in elbow resolved…
“About a year ago, I severely strained the tendon and ligaments in my elbow. It has caused moderate to severe pain and stiffness, as well as a severe burning sensation. There has been moderate inflammation in my elbow ever since. A friend of mine…introduced me to a product called Hydraflexin that he said would probably work much more effectively without the side effects…During the time I have been taking Hydraflexin, I noticed that the level of pain the burning sensation in my elbow were diminished to a greater degree than when I was taking Motrin and Aleve! I am very thankful!”

—David B., Germantown, MD**

Zero pain—sleeps like a baby…
“In my 60’s I discovered an earlier injury left both ends of a shoulder rotator cuff muscle so atrophied, it could not be repaired. I also havedamaged lumbar and thoracic discs. NSAIDs caused my stomach to bleed and gave me months of agony. Hydraflexin is the crowning touch and puts me over the top. It’s only when I take two a day that my pain goes to zero and I get to sleep well.”

—Yvon B, Pueblo, CO**

Swears by Hydraflexin for knee pain…
“My husband had a knee problem. Glucosamine and Chondroitin did not help. He swears by the relief Hydraflexin has provided him. He was soon complaining when we ran out for a few days recently… we won’t be running out again!”

—Louise S, Hillsdale, NJ**


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