• - Judy M., Iowa City, IA.

      From Despair to Hope

      "My hands were very stiff and painful. I’ve also got arthritis in my feet. I am very sensitive to medications and cannot take NSAIDs because I react to them with even more pain! Nuflexol has made the difference between hopefulness and despair. It’s actually made my life bearable by decreasing my pain and increasing my function."
    • - Julie, age 56.

      Definitely Helps Me Manage My pain

      "I suffered from severe back pain and had been going to see a chiropractor on a weekly basis for the last 12 years. I took two capsules of Nuflexol a day for the next two months and I didn’t step into my chiropractor’s office even once! Nuflexol definitely helps me manage my pain. Thanks!"
    • - Philip, Asheville, NC.

      No More Shoulder Pain

      "I had pain building up in my shoulder and arm for a number of years before starting a joint supplement regime. I’m very pleased with Nuflexol. My shoulder has not bothered me at all since I began taking it about 12 months ago."
    • - S. Evensen, Woodbury, Ct.

      I will buy this forever

      "Excellent products, from someone who has been nutritionally conscious for decades. I am now learning what else it entails to know herbal powers literally. I have had MS for 22 years. I have used the beta interferon for 11 years since it came available to me in 94. Remember that lottery (for those of you who would)? Well, the ParActin has further balanced my internal inflammation. I feel persistent symptoms with MS (such as the shooting stabbing pain in my occipital area of the brain (our sight). I felt this almost daily. Since day one on the ParActin, NO pain, no kidding. Thank you so much, I will buy this forever."
    • - Jaime G, CA

      Before I had difficulty, but it is much better now

      "I'm 76 years old. Nothing is easy for me nowadays, I've had a problem in that department for a while now. I see that I am a little bit more sensitive now and that gives me a little joy. Usually I don't have a partner with me I just take care of matters on my own. Before I had difficulty, but it is much better now. Not totally 100% yet, but it seems like when I finish the packs of Eroxin I was able to manipulate myself much better, more enjoyment, and it looks like it's coming back."
    • Definitely plan on taking this product for a LONG time

      "I wanted to thank you for the fantastic product Eroxin. After trying many others I found this one to work in ways the others didn't. I've been taking Eroxin for about 2 months. At first, the results were minimal, but after continuing to take the results just ballooned! I'm a 52-year-old man and Eroxin really helps me keep UP with my much younger girlfriend. It has helped our sex life without having to go through the embarrassing other medical solutions. I definitely plan on taking this product for a LONG time."
    • - J.R., San Francisco, CA

      “Unusually Hard” Erections

      "I’ve been having problem sustaining my erection. It has been frustrating whenever it goes soft on me half way through and I could not control it at all. I tried Androx and my erection was unusually hard and I lasted longer than I have in years."
    • - Ted, New York City

      Your product has given me a new lease on life!

      "I just had to write to say how much better I feel since starting on Androx. I admit, I thought ‘male menopause’ was a bunch of bologna, but when I read your Report on ‘Surviving Manopause’ it was like looking in the mirror. I thought I was just getting old. Now I know better. Your product has given me a new lease on life!"
    • - Jim, 55

      It was like being on our honeymoon again

      "I’ve gone from having sex once a week (or less), to three or four times a week. On our last vacation in Mexico, my wife and I were at it almost every day and night. It was like being on our honeymoon again. No kidding!"
    • - Mr. and Mrs. L.B., Naples, FL

      We both have ‘the urge’ more often

      "My wife and I started taking Androx about a month ago. After a few days, we noticed a wonderful difference in how much extra energy we seemed to have … especially in bed. Both of us have ‘the urge’ more often and our passion is much more pronounced. Since we have so much energy, we both have gone back to working out (something we stopped doing years ago) …. We are looking forward to losing weight together and getting back in shape. If I had known it could be this easy, I would have started taking Androx years ago. Please send another month’s supply right away!"
    • - Jennifer L, NC

      I've noted big change since taking the Nitrobeets!

      "I can see a big difference with my breathing, and legs are stronger. We have some steps on the back entrance of the house. It was very hard walking up there. It tired me alot. But now, i've noted big change since taking the Nitrobeets! It took about 3 or 4 days, before I really noticed the change! I'm not as short winded as I was before I started taking the Nitrobeets! Thank you!!"
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