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At Biocentric Health we create cutting-edge alternative health products. We’ve built our company on the foundation of identifying new ingredients to safely treat the health concerns of our customers.

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  • Metorin
    Restores healthy digestive flora
    30 Capsules, 30-Day Supply | Dietary Supplement
    Enables optimal communication between BOTH your brains.  Metorin is a clinically researched formula designed to enable optimal communication between your two brains – the one in your head and the one in your gut.
    • Patented BIO-Tract® safe passage system to ensure ALL healthy bacteria strands survive your acidic digestive tract
    • 100% Guaranteed delivery of 15 billion CFUs of the 10 most critical live bacteria strands
    • Supports microbiome restoration… optimal health and well-being … vibrant life
    • Facilitates healthy communication between your head brain – and gut brain
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