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At Biocentric Health we create cutting-edge alternative health products. We’ve built our company on the foundation of identifying new ingredients to safely treat the health concerns of our customers.

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  • Prostaris
    Superior prostate support*
    90 Capsules | 30 Day Supply | Dietary Supplement
    Prostaris is a formula thousands of men have come to rely on who want to help restore healthy urine flow, end urgency, and support sexual confidence. It’s one supreme formula that delivers what experts call the super seven prostate nutrients—including our #1 science-based ingredient: beta-sitosterol.
    • Support prostate health*
    • Support a healthy bladder*
    • Support sexual health*
    • $35.96 $49.95
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    • ProtecTN
      Advanced Immune Support*
      90 Capsules | 30 Day Supply | Dietary Supplement
      ProtecTN is formulated with powerful adaptogens that have been studied to support a healthy immune system.
      • Support healthy immune function*
      • Support healthy inflammatory response*
      • Support healthy respiratory function*
      • $35.96 $49.95
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      • CircuActiv
        Healthy circulation support*
        90 Capsules | 30 Day Supply | Dietary Supplement

        CircuActiv is a breakthrough, all-natural blood-flow formula that delivers what our experts consider the TOP 9 flow-boosting nutrients on Earth...All in ONE supremely simple capsule.

        • Support healthy circulation*
        • Support healthy blood pressure*
        • Support healthy blood sugar*
        • Enhance mental clarity and focus*
        • Fights heavy and sluggish feeling in legs*
        • $35.96 $49.95
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        • NitroBeets
          The secret to optimum blood flow*
          Drink-mix, 30-Day Supply | Dietary Supplement
          NitroBeets is a natural supplement that boosts your body’s supply of Nitric Oxide (N-O) to increase healthy blood flow and enhance cardiovascular and sexual health.*
          • Supports body’s production of Nitric Oxide*
          • Supports cardiovascular health*
          • Supports body’s oxygenation*
          • Helps maintain sexual vigor and performance*
          • Helps increase energy and endurance*
          • $35.96 $49.95
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