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At Biocentric Health we create cutting-edge alternative health products. We’ve built our company on the foundation of identifying new ingredients to safely treat the health concerns of our customers.

Learn more about the ingredients by navigating the product research section on each product.

  • Mitogenis
    The greatest age-reversing breakthrough of this century
    30 Capsules, 30-Day Supply | Dietary Supplement
    Mitogenis is a groundbreaking supplement scientifically formulated to repair the trillions of mitochondria in your cells. Mitochondria are your cellular energy generators responsible for supplying a constant flow of energy to your entire body – that includes your heart, brain, lungs, and every cell in your body!
  • Starting at $39.95
  • Hydraflexin
    The Million-Dollar Joint Pain Relief Formula!
    60 Capsules, 30-Day Supply | Dietary Supplement
    Hydraflexin™ is an all-natural, joint support supplement that features Paractin™ and Hyaluronic Acid. This unique combination Hydraflexin’s Paractin™ and Hyaluronic Acid works with your body to get to the root causes of your knee, back, shoulder and other joint and muscle pain.
  • Starting at $39.95
  • Prostedio
    Promotes Healthy Prostate Function
    30 Capsules, 30-Day Supply | Dietary Supplement
    • A blend of powerful, clinically researched botanicals
    • Supports overall prostate health and function
    • Supports urinary control and flow
    • Improves bladder emptying
    • Helps heat up your sex life
  • Starting at $39.95
  • Flexazyme™
    Joint Health
    30 Capsules, 30-Day Supply | Dietary Supplement
    • Nutritional support for joint health
    • Helps increase joint flexibility & mobility and promote joint comfort
    • Flexazyme™ with Exclzyme® featured a concentrated blend of powerful protease enzymes designed to support healthy joint function and healthy inflammatory responses
    • Apresflex® (Boswellia serrata) has been shown in experimental and clinical research to balance enzymes involved in inflammatory pathways
    • Delayed Release Technology used in Flexazyme™ with Exclzyme® shields the active ingredients from the destruction by stomach acid
    • Starting at $39.95
    • Cavanex
      The Most Mind-Blowing Health Discovery In Decades!
      30 Capsules, 30-Day Supply | Dietary Supplement
      This tiny pill... “reboots” your tired, older organs so they act healthier and younger again
    • Starting at $49.95
    • Neuroplex
      “Miracle Grow” for Your Brain
      30 Capsules, 30-Day Supply | Dietary Supplement
      Neuroplex is made up of a specific blend of 4 compounds designed to maximize your brain’s ability to support optimized cognition, memory and maintain the body's normal response to stress and executive decision making processes.
    • Starting at $39.95
    • Metorin
      Restores healthy digestive flora
      30 Capsules, 30-Day Supply | Dietary Supplement
      Enables optimal communication between BOTH your brains. 
      Metorin is a clinically researched formula designed to enable optimal communication between your two brains – the one in your head and the one in your gut.
      • Patented BIO-Tract® safe passage system to ensure ALL healthy bacteria strands survive your acidic digestive tract
      • 100% Guaranteed delivery of 15 billion CFUs of the 10 most critical live bacteria strands
      • Supports microbiome restoration… optimal health and well-being … vibrant life
      • Facilitates healthy communication between your head brain – and gut brain
      • Pure bacteria strands are cultured exclusively for Biocentric Health by leading Swedish bio-research company – Proba AB.
      • Starting at $39.95