Saffron, Polyphenols & Sex: Really?
Article by Rick Popowitz

It’s no secret that your sexual function declines as you grow older. As your testosterone level falls, it takes more to arouse you. Once aroused, it takes longer to get an erection and to achieve orgasm. And even when you do, the semen volume declines and so does the sperm quality. And following orgasm, it’s even harder to get aroused again.

Recent research confirms that the penis itself undergoes two major changes. The head (glans) gradually loses its purplish color, the result of reduced blood flow. And to your horror, the size of your manhood gets smaller.

But why? Plaque is deposited inside the penis’s tiny arteries just like in your heart’s arteries. Which is why men with erectile dysfunction are checked for heart disease.

There’s also a buildup of scar tissue within the sheath that surrounds the erection chambers. Blockages mean smaller erections.

Lastly, studies show that your penis becomes less sensitive over time, making it even harder to get an erection.

Every one of the erectile dysfunction products basically works the same  way. The active ingredient floods into your body, rushes to the arteries in your penis, and opens them wide so more blood can flow in. Once it does, your penis is hard enough (and big enough) for you to have sex.

Problem is, it’s all achieved with a very powerful and dangerous drug. That’s why it comes with a list of side effects a mile long.

Your blood pressure could plummet like a rock, causing you to get dizzy, pass out, or have a heart attack or stroke. You can get sick to your stomach or wind up with kidney or liver problems. You may suddenly lose your hearing or your vision.


Saffron, Polyphenols & Sex

Researchers in France at the 120 year old global biotech giant, Nexira, have stunned the scientific community establishing the benefit of saffron and polyphenols in promoting male sexual health. After years of research, Nexira has introduced enoStim™. enoStim™is a unique, proprietary, and powerful all-natural concentrate that combines an amazing natural aphrodisiac, a penile nerve stimulator, and a potent blood flow enhancer that will give you bigger, longer-lasting erections.

enoStim™isn’t a drug. It’s something completely different, because it’s all-natural and completely safe. The unique triple-action formula increases bioavailable nitric oxide that relaxes muscles and widens your arteries so more blood rushes into your penis for extreme male enhancement.

Unfortunately, nitric oxide has a very short lifespan and is subject to free radical damage that can affect sexual performance. In one test study, the antioxidant molecules in enoStim demonstrated the potential to specifically protect NO by decreasing oxidative stress by a whopping 74%.

enoStim’s proprietary formulation (NPF) offers a powerful combination of natural ingredients — the right botanical synergy of apple and grape polyphenols PLUS a special saffron in the right dosage.

The result. A dramatic surge in bioavailable nitric oxide which research shows to favor erectile function.

What are polyphenols...and why are they so important for your sex life?

Polyphenols are natural chemicals found in plants. The polyphenols in (NPF) provide huge benefits for achieving an erection. They’re both highly bioavailable (the rate at which something is absorbed into your body). And by eliminating erection-killing free radicals... the polyphenols become dramatically stronger. So you get a bigger, better, much more potent erection.






Study 1:

CONDUCTED BY: Shamsa et al. Mashhad University of Medical Sciences (One of the top Med Schools in the World)

SUBJECTS: 20 men with decreased erectile function

RESULTS: Positive effect on all parameters: total score (rigidity and readiness for sex) improved by 56%and erectile function by 46%!

Study 2:

CONDUCTED BY: University of Catania,University of Foggia, University of Eastern Piedmont,University Federic II of Naples, Italy

SUBJECTS: 132 men with decreased sexual function

RESULTS: Measured effects significantly improved by 29% after just three months

Study 3:

CONDUCTED BY: Modabbernia et al.

SUBJECTS: 36 men with reduced sexual function induced by antidepressant treatment: Saffron (Inside enoSTIMTM) vs. Placebo

RESULTS: Saffron improved erectile function by a staggering 33% and increased sexual satisfaction with intercourse by a whopping 29%!


And finally .


CONDUCTED BY: Hosseinadeh et al. 2008

RESULTS: Increased ability to achieve intercourse and erection frequency

CONDUCTED BY: Al-Rehaily et al. 2015

RESULTS: Increase of intracavernosal pressure...improved ability to achieve intercourse and ejaculation.

In summary, research on enoStim leads to the following conclusions

  • Stimulates your brain: Command- central for sending neurochemicals to stimulate your penile nerves.
  • Vasodilation of penis artery: Relaxes and opens arteries so more blood can flow.
  • Maximum EP (Erection Potential): Optimal length & rigidity is achieved — naturally!      


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    Rick Popowitz, founder and President/CEO of Biocentric Health. For the past 25 years he's been actively interested in alternative health and nutrition.