Inflammation and Sexual Performance
Article by Rick Popowitz

It was first announced in a breakthrough article in TIME Magazine in 2004. Inflammation is now recognized as the ‘secret killer.’ On the one hand, your body uses inflammation to fight off bacteria and to protect you from pollutants in the air, the water, and your food. Problem is, inflammation also leads to all kinds of chronic health conditions, including heart and stomach problems, and blood pressure issues, but what does inflammation have to do with erectile dysfunction? According to some experts, practically everything.


Shockingly, doctors have recently discovered that all five inflammatory markers were linked to impotency. Inflammation is like tumbling dominoes. Once it starts, everything goes downhill. First, it hammers the endothelium, the lining of your arteries and blood vessels, by lowering nitric oxide availability which, in turn, hammers your erections.


But it gets
 worse. Lower levels
 of NO have been
linked to damage to
the arterial walls of your heart. So there’s even more urgency to quench this deadly inflammation.


EROXIN with ’s enoStim™ breakthrough formula contains powerful all-natural botanicals that work in synergy to produce an anti-inflammatory effect that can stop multiple pathways. So it not only can stop illnesses before they stop you, it can actually help to effectively treat erectile dysfunction.


You need NO to achieve and maintain an erection. But, unfortunately, it has a short lifespan. Harmful free radicals can lead to lower bioavailability. So less gets into your bloodstream to do you much good.


Enter Eroxin with ’s NPF that’s specifically designed to protect NO from oxidation

EROXIN with NPF decreases by 74% the marker of Nitric Oxide Oxidation

By reducing the peroxynitrite oxidative stress , EROXIN’s enoStim with NPF extends the life of NO and helps support optimum conditions of erectile function.


Results That Speak for Themselves

CONDUCTED BY: Shamsa et al. Mashhad University of Medical Sciences (One of the top Med Schools in the World)

SUBJECTS: 20 men with decreased erectile function

RESULTS: Positive effect on all parameters: total score (rigidity and readiness for sex) improved by 56% and erectile function by 46%!


Eroxin with enoStim™ Research Findings

Eroxin with enoStim™

  • Stimulates your brain: Command- central for sending neurochemicals to stimulate your penile nerves.
  • Vasodilation of penis artery: Relaxes and opens arteries so more blood can flow.
  • Maximum EP (Erection Potential): Optimal length & rigidity is achieved — naturally!
About the Authors
  • Rick Popowitz

    Rick Popowitz, founder and President/CEO of Biocentric Health. For the past 25 years he's been actively interested in alternative health and nutrition.

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